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Abe-san’s work has been published in RSI.

Abe-san’s work has been published in Review of Scientific Instruments. He has calibrated radiochromic films (RCF) with a gamma-ray source.


Prof. Fujioka has received the PPCF Dendy Award.

Prof. Fujioka has been selected as the recipient of the PPCF Dendy Europe-Asia Pacific Award for Outstanding Research Collaboration in Plasma Physics with Dr. Joao Santos, CELIA, University of Bordeaux, France. Many congratulations!


A collaborative work has been published in Physical Review E.

International collaboration work is published in Physical Review E.
We have studied experimental p-B fusion reaction for alpha particle generation.


New Youtube video has been open for public

New video has been uploaded on Youtube to introduce our facility and research activities.


Member list updated!

The member list of our group has been updated!


Farewell to Abe-san and Takemura-san

Abe-san and Takemura-san leave our group today.
Abe-san will be an assistant professor at the School of Engineering, Osaka University from 1st April.
Takemura-san will start her work in a private company.
We wish his/her further success in the new places.


Hiroki’s paper is published in PRE

Hiroki’s paper is published in Physical Review E.
He developed a model of a laser-produced magnetic field with consideration of current diffusion and joule heating in a sheet-shaped gold coil. This experiment was performed on the OMEGA laser facility at the University of Rochester. Hiroki led the analysis and modeling in this international collaboration.


Mc & Dc research report

Hiroki, Mao, and Ryunosuke have done superb presentations in the web conference reporting their achievements during doctoral or master courses.


Dr. Liu moves to QST

Dr. Liu got his doctoral degree in our group the last December, and He will start to work at National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science Technology (QST) from this February.


A collaborative work is published in PTRA.

This international collaboration work is published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A reporting Investigation of fast electron transport in a magnetized high-energy-density plasma.