Greeting | Laser produced high Field sciences (LF) Group


Shinsuke FUJIOKA (Photograph@March, 30, 2017)

We are in a cooperative group of the Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University. We belong to the elementary particle and nuclear physics experiment groups in the Department of Physics. We are in charge of high-energy-density-plasma sciences and laser fusion plasma research using ultra-high-intensity electric field, magnetic field, radiation field etc. generated by high-energy and high-intensity laser.

One of our research pillars is fast heating of laser fusion fuel with ultra-high-intensity laser pulse. In this fast-ignition method studied at our institute, we use a factory-sized GEKKO-XII and LFEX laser facilities to compress fusion fuel to high density and to heat instantaneously the compressed fuel with a high intensity laser. For heating the fusion fuel up to over 50 million degrees of the fusion ignition threshold temperature, we must handle the phenomenon governed by combination of the electromagnetic fields generated by microscale and macroscale plasma dynamics and the turbulent electromagnetic field structure formed by interference between the incident and reflected laser fields. Using high-quality experiments and precise simulations, we will understand the essential fundamentals of this complex phenomenon and proceed toward achieving the goal.

In addition, we are developing new fields of ultra-high intensity field science and extreme plasma sciences, such as laboratory astrophysics by using high intensity field, nuclear science etc, for example, laboratory measurement of photoionization plasma phenomena observed around black hole, measurement of electric properties of warm dense matter, formation of a collisionless shock , relativistic magnetic field reconnection, ultra high density compression of material by tailored and sequential shock waves and hydrodynamic instability associated with the compression, nuclear reaction measurement occurring inside high-energy-density plasma, We will actively challenge interesting and important topics in the wide variety of high-energy-density physics.

We believe that recreation is also important. Please visit the group’s website looking at recent activities.