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Dr. Morita recieved Osaka University KONDO award.

Dr. Hiroki MORITA, an assitant professor of Utsunomiya University and an alumni of our group, received the Osaka University KONDO prize at OPTO2024.



Tanaka-san’s paper published in Applied Physics Letters

Tanaka-san’s paper has been published in Applied Physics Letters.
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) is a pivotal light in the manufacture of cutting-edge smart devices that are on your hands and desks. Our team is working to reduce the cost of such devices’ manufacturing.
This paper highlighted the absolute density of hydrogen radicals produced by the interaction between hydrogen gas and EUV with the laser-induced fluorescence technique. The hydrogen radicals are expected to remove contamination in the manufacturing system utilizing EUV. For more details, please visit the publication on AIP’s website​.


Tanaka-san’s comment in Atlas

Dr. Tanaka’s lay summary is published in Atlas of Science.
The article “A compact high yield isotope enrichment system” is published in Atlas of Science. We proposed a conceptual design of an isotope enrichment system for medical use, namely, Boron Neutron Capture (cancer) Therapy, aka BNCT, and a cancer diagnostics technique with a technetium tracer.
(This research was not conducted inside ILE, Osaka University)


Cherry blossom viewing party@2024

Now is one of the best seasons to visit Japan.
We held a cherry blossom viewing party with new students.


James joined HOPE meeting

James HERNADEZ joined the HOPE meeting organized by JSPS. The HOPE meeting served as a great opportunity for young researchers to share their perspectives with a broader audience. Gaining inspiration from the Nobel lectures and discussions, he kept high impact in mind. The meeting put all our work into the bigger picture and challenged us to provide insight into recent research activities while being aware of the reality scientists face.


Dr. Tanaka and Dr. James Edward Hernandez attended JSAP meeting.

Dr. Tanaka and Dr. Hernandez participated in The 71st Japan Society of Applied Physics Meeting 2024. They gave presentations on industrial application of laser produced plasma radiation.
The realm of applied physics and the industrial sector is experiencing rapid changes. The EUV team of the LF Group regularly participates in JSAP meetings, exchanging the latest information with researchers from both academia and industry.


Fujioka, Karaki and Matsubara participated in IEEJ conference.

Prof. Fujioka, Mr. Karaki, and Mr. Matsubara participated in the annual conference of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan held at the University of Tokushima and presented on laser fusion energy.


Party for celebrating sucess of doctoral and master degrees

We held a party for celebrating sucess of doctoral and master degrees and a farewell party for Tsuido-kun.


Group photo after Tsuido-san’s final laser shot.

A group photo was taken after Tsuido-kun’s last laser shot.


Public hearing of Takizawaq’s doctral dissertation

Public hearing for Mr. Takizawa’s doctoral dissertation was held. D. thesis title: Experimental Investigation of Efficient Heating of High Energy Density Plasma.