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JSPS core-to-core project webpage

We are pleased to inform you that we have started to open a web page to publicize our project.


Dr. Ogitsu visited our group from LLNL.

Dr. Ogitsu, a staff scientist of LLNL, visited our group and gave a lecture in the seminar.


Dr. Lan visited the group from Princeton University.

Dr. Lan from Princeton University gave us the talk entitled with “Particle Acceleration and Ion Acoustic Waves during Magnetically Driven Reconnection using Laser-Powered Capacitor Coils”. After her talk, we have a dinner with her with some staff of our team.



Keynote talk at 6th ICMRE

Fujioka-san gave a keynote lecture titled “Recent progress of experimental studies on fast ignition inertial fusion energy” at the 6th International Conference on Matter and Radiation at Extreme held in Zhuhai, China.


Member list updated

Member list in FY2023 has been updated.


Cherry blossom viewing party for welcoming newcomers.

This fiscal year, we welcome four new comers. We have the cherry blossom viewing party in the evening on 3rd April.


Farewell party for Maekawa-san

A farewell party was held for Ms. Maekawa at a churrasco restaurant in Osaka.


Photos after laser shot

Today’s evening shot was the final shot for Maekawa-san; she has completed a master’s degree in Physics.


Morita-san’s paper is published in RMPP

Morita-san’s paper is published in Review of Modern Plasma Physics. He summarized the recent progress of a laser-driven micro coil scheme to generate a strong quasi-static magnetic field both in experiments and modeling.


International collaborative work published in Nature Physics.

This great job performed through international collaboration has been published in Nature Physics. Congratulations!