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Annual conference of ILE

All members participated in the annual year-end report meeting held at the Institute of Laser Engineering. The meeting was held online this year as well as last year.


Memorial Photo with Zhu-san

Memorial photos after Zhu-san’s final LFEX shot. He will be back in China this Christmas day.


Remote experiment with French team.

We have performed the remote experiment on GEKKO-LFEX facility with the French team.


Remote experiment with Princeton University Team

We have performed the remote experiment with Prof. Ji’s team at Princeton University on the GEKKO-LFEX laser system. The photo was taken after an early morning briefing between us and the Princeton team.


Dr. Matsuo’s paper is published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Dr. Matsuo’s paper is published in Physical Review Letters.
We have observed the enhancement of Rayleigh-Taylor instability growth in a strong external magnetic field.
This enhancement is caused by anisotropic electron thermal transport in a corona plasma produced by a high-intensity laser pulse.
We are explaining this achievement from physics and also social aspects on Youtube.


A collaboration work is published in Nuclear Fusion.

A collaboration work of a target design based on fast-ignition laser fusion has been published in Nuclear Fusion.


Achievement of international collaboration is published in PRE

The result obtained by the international collaboration team is published in Physical Review E.
Its title is Laser astrophysics experiment on the amplification of magnetic fields by shock-induced interfacial instabilities.


Morita-san’s paper published in MRE

Morita-san’s paper has been published in MRE (Matter and Radiation at Extreme) journal by AIP (American Institute of Physics).
This paper is selected as an editor’s pick because of its high quality and impact on related communities.
He and his colleagues have investigated the diffusion dynamics of a pulsed magnetic field in a gold cone with consideration of temperature-dependent resistivity calculated with an ab-initio model. This is a result of our international collaboration.


A collaborative research published in APEX.

A collaborative research achievement is published in Applied Physics Express.


A collaboration work is published in Phys. Rev. C.

One of our collaboration work is published in Physical Review C.