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EUV lithography work has been published in APL

James’s paper on “Efficient photo-dissociation-induced production of hydrogen radicals using vacuum ultraviolet light from a laser-produced plasma” has been published in Applied Physics Letters. We proposed and demonstrated a new scheme to produce hydrogen radicals more efficiently compared to the conventional ones.


Tanaka and Hernandez visited Samsung MR in Korea

The Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE), Osaka University is collaborating with Samsung Electronics by establishing the “Samsung MR – Laser Application Joint Research Division”. Samsung Electronics Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory is in Suwon, Korea. We reported and discussed the results of this year’s research progress, which aims to solve technical problems in industrial applications of laser plasma soft X-rays. We also discussed next year’s plans with the researchers there. Although the visit was short, it was very productive. Among the members on the Samsung Electronics side was Dr. Lee, who completed his doctoral studies in the LF group in 2019, and we rejoiced to see him again after a long absence.


Prof. Fujioka gave a plenary talk at IAEA-FEC conference

Prof. Fujioka gave a plenary talk entitled “Compression of solid spherical fuel for fast ignition based
inertial fusion energy” at the IAEA-FEC conference held in London, U.K.
IAEA-FEC is the Fusion Energy Conference organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency.
This is the largest conference focusing on fusion energy sciences and technologies.


Takizawa gave a planary talk at IFSA conference

Mr. Takizawa, a Dc student of the LF group, gave an invited talk entitled “Fast ignition experiments toward high-efficient ignition” at the 12th International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA2023) in Denver, CO, U.S.A.. This the most prominent conference focusing on inertial fusion energy sciences and technologies. Prof. Fujioka also gave an invited talk entitled “Fast isochoric heating of over-solid-density plasma core with high-contrast and high-intensity short pulse laser”. And Dr. Law gave a contributed talk entitled “Observation of Ion Species Dependence on Charge-to-Mass Ratio in Laser-Driven Magnetic Reconnection Experiment”.


The annual meeting of Japan Physical Society

The annual meeting of the Japan Physical Society was held at Tohoku University in Sendai city. Fujioka, Law, and Takizawa presented recent results at the conference. Colleagues and we had dinner togather at downtown of Sendai.


Seminar by Dr. Kiriyama (QST)

Dr. Kiriyama from QST gave us a seminar on pursuing a high-contrast Peta-Watt laser system.


JSPS core-to-core project webpage

We are pleased to inform you that we have started to open a web page to publicize our project.


Dr. Ogitsu visited our group from LLNL.

Dr. Ogitsu, a staff scientist of LLNL, visited our group and gave a lecture in the seminar.


Dr. Lan visited the group from Princeton University.

Dr. Lan from Princeton University gave us the talk entitled with “Particle Acceleration and Ion Acoustic Waves during Magnetically Driven Reconnection using Laser-Powered Capacitor Coils”. After her talk, we have a dinner with her with some staff of our team.



Keynote talk at 6th ICMRE

Fujioka-san gave a keynote lecture titled “Recent progress of experimental studies on fast ignition inertial fusion energy” at the 6th International Conference on Matter and Radiation at Extreme held in Zhuhai, China.