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Joined ECLIM conference

Prof. Fujioka and Mr. Matsuo joined in the 34th European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter (ECLIM2016) held in Moscow, Russia with Prof. Yogo, Dr. Sunahara, Dr. Hata and Mr. Abe.

Prof. Fujioka gave an invited talk entitled with “Integrated study of Magnetized Fast Ignition” and Mr. Matsuo will give an oral talk entitled with “Magnetohydrodynamics of high-energy-density-plasma in strong magnetic field”.

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Beside the conference, we discussed about progress and future prospects of the project conducted with Russian scientists, join in a night tour in Moscow and technical tour to MEPhI, and a dance party during the conference banquet.

After the closing of the ECLIM2016 conference, Fujioka and Matsuo were invited to visit Prof. Koresheva’s beautiful house. She is a good painter and she showed us the paints.