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Participation of 38th annual meeting LSJ.

Three members from LF group participated the 38th Annual Meeting of The Laser Society of Japan, held in Kyoto.
Scientists from a wide range of fields participated in this conference, ranged from basic research of laser physics to laser applications on modern society. We had fruitful discussions with such scientists, by giving oral presentations related to applications of high-intensity lasers, with title stated below:
24pV-5, Y. Arikawa et al., “Second harmonic generation of LFEX laser”
24pV-7, Y. Ochiai et al., “Development of high time-resolution FROG for characterization of high-intensity laser-plasma interaction surface dynamics”
24pV-12, K.F.F. Law et al., “Strong kT magnetic field generation with PW laser and particle acceleration by anti-parallel magnetic field”