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PLASMA2017 report

Eight LF members (6 oral, 2 poster) participated the PLASMA2017 conference held in Himeji.
The PLASMA2017 conference is one of the biggest scientific conferences as a conference on plasma physics research in Japan.
LF members got good opportunities to discuss their research with many researchers.
They gave talks as listed below.

23Ep-03, S. Sakata et al., “Magnetically assisted fast heating of dense plasma core” (oral).
23Ep-04, K. Matsuo et al., “Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor instability under strong magnetic field” (oral).
23Ep-05, S-H. Lee et al., “Efficient hot-electron generation by using two-color mixture laser beam” (oral).
23Ep-07, H. Morita et al., “Diffusion dynamics of magnetic field with consideration of inductive heating” (oral).
24Ea-05, Y. Arikawa et al., “Neutron imaging by using LFEX laser” (oral).
24Ea-06, H. Kishimoto et al., “Development of neutron track detector”. (oral)
C000092, K. F. F. Law et al., “Optimization of spatial uniformity of laser-accelerated proton beam for application on electromagnetic field diagnosis” (poster).
C000678, S. Kambayashi et al., “Energetic proton acceleration with LFEX laser” (poster).